Phone Modis Full Entertainment

VirtuV V809 has the ability to take pictures with VGA quality, record video, play music, and large memory capacity to store various files

At first glance, VirtuV V809 phone design does not look like a cell phone. Shaped more like a portable MP3 player. With a weight of only 60 grams and dimensions of 86.5 x 37 x 19 mm, mini-sized mobile phone has a multimedia and entertainment capabilities as a standard-sized phone.

V809 clad VirtuV milky white color with yellow color combinations. In sales, the color combinations are available in five color choices. Slidingnya design was smooth when dihentak. Because the mini size, range, too small keypad, and the shape Ouval. Although small, still did not reduce the comfort of a finger when pressed.

Although buried with many entertainment facilities, this phone has no connectivity via bluetooth. It is unfortunate, because exchanging files such as pictures or music can only be done by using a USB data cable to the computer.

In the body there is only one phone port located at the bottom. Port can be used for the charger, headset, and USB cable. Port size is very small, so that was difficult when trying to plug the cable into the phone.
Testing: Used for charger, headset and USB cable.
Value: 2.7.
Note: The lack of joint port is not able to use the headset when the phone is charged.

VirtuV claim this mini mobile phone capable of recording moving pictures with the quality AVI. Namu when transferred to a computer, the picture quality is not as clear as AVI quality. Facilities video recorders equipped with standard arrangements such as camcorders and video settings settings.
Testing: Record the atmosphere outside the room.
Value: 2.9
Note: In the video settings, file formats that are available only AVI.

One feature is the Audio Player champion. Has three choices as background skin when listening to music. Although small, the music player has a voice loud enough to 99.9 dB when playing a song from Van Hallen
Testing: Listening to the song Jump by Van Hallen.
Value: 2.8.
Note: 2 and 8 keys function as a volume.

Not just entertainment, VirtuV V809 can run on the GPRS network to surf in cyberspace. To use insternet, to do some settings first. Because the phone is not equipped with automatic setting of several GSM operators in Indonesia.
Testing: Performance browser to access Yahoo!.
Value: 2.5.
Note: If you can not perform GPRS settings, contact your use.

Quality largest resolution VGA camera still. Arrangements are still mediocre. What seems striking feature is the ability to edit photos phone shots the camera. Users can add text or frames in the edited photos.
Testing: Results of a VGA camera snap.
Value: 2.8.
Note: Not available direct access to key camera features.

Capacity writing SMS messages to reach 612 characters. Because of the small screen, the size of the letters were also adjusted. There are several emoticons that can be used to indicate the mood to mate. To send a message to several k ontacts well, could use the facility "send to many" or "send to group".
Testing: Sending a message to the contact bebebrapa.
Value: 3.
Note: not all phones compatible with emoticons from virtuV V809.

Facilities Personal Information Management (PIM) can be found in the organizer menu. Features available in this facility such as calculator, alarm clock, tasks, converter and calendar. For health, there are also features an ideal weight calculator, and the calculation of time periods for women.
Testing: Setting the alarm is continue for 3 days.
Value: 3
Note: Set the alarm for more than one if you are a solid schedule.

All the leading features such as cameras, video and music player can run well without any constraints. External memory capacity up to 512 MB of free user keeps files of all the winning features. Internet is running on GPRS networks, can be used to simply open the email.

Final Score: 2.9

Provisions Li-Ion Battery 650 mAh capacity can last up to two days for normal usage such as phoning, listening to music and play videos. Pretty good for a mini cell phone with a variety of entertainment.


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