Practical ways to improve mobile

1. Antenna,
2. Switch antenna,
3. IC PA (power amplifier),
4. IF IC (IC Haggar),
5. Audio IC (IC COBBA).
But on the other hand is very sensitive mobile phone with other words often damage both from the software, hardware, and software and hardware.
Therefore, based on the description above, the author took the title "HOW EASY TO CORRECT ANY DAMAGES TO SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE HANDPHONE".

1.2 Problem Definition
Based on the description of the problem background above, it can be argued that the problems there are:
a. How do I run the program flashnya?
b. What are the tools needed to repair damage to hardware or software?
c. How do the steps in repairing the damage to software or hardware?
1.3 Research Objectives
The goals of this research are:
a. Being able to run the flash program.
b. Able to do repairs on the damaged phone software or hardware on mobile phones and even death.
c. The research has been done can be made a module for practical purposes.

Problem 1.4 restricted
To better focus on solving this problem, the author tries to limit discussion of solutions to be more focused, improving the hardware on kerusakansoftware and is only on hendphone repair the damage to software or hardware.
The device used to repair the software is to use UFS 3 Tornado with the aim that can be used by all types of mobile phones.

Report Writing 1.5 Systematics
Systematics report writing used in the preparation of this Final Project covers the stages as follows:
This chapter is an initial part of the background problem, problem formulation, research objectives, the guideline, and systematic writing of the final task.
This chapter contains a review of the literature or theories that are relevant and related to the argument as a basis to assess the problem to obtain reliable answers. The literature review includes such things as the theoretical description, the framework of thinking about the connection of variables involved in the research used.
This chapter includes the steps that will be used to solve the problem, including identification of issues and problem-solving goals, collecting and processing data.
This chapter contains a collection of data relating to the research results of the studied objects in the final task, and data processing.
Showing results testing the performance of damage and repair systems on the system as a whole.
In this final chapter contains conclusions on the whole implementation of the final task is discussed based on observations of the symptoms that occur problems and suggestions related to the development of systems that better future.

Repair HP Sony Ericsson 1

The next process you can do as you choose flashing MCU, as we have seen the guidelines Repair Hand phone Nokia MCU is the main file of the mobile phone, as well as in Sony Ericsson mobile phone. After you select the MCU, you are free to choose the version of the same or more for the MCU. The following options are MOD, this is a modem, you select a file to the modem. It is important to note the choice of modem is a modem version must match the version of the MCU, so see the version of modem you are going to choose to be the same with MCU version that you selected earlier. The following is the GDFS, things to watch for in the GDFS file is the same as a modem, so that should be noticed is his version, these three files from the MCU, MOD, GDFS, it must have the same version.
For flashing process for beginners can do it manually, see the picture above. You can do the flashing process one by one from the three files that had been selected earlier, starting from the MCU, Modem, GDFS, to make flash MCU process you can press the "Flash MCU" the software RTP UFS-8 will run commands just flashing MCU. After flash MCU process is complete you can make the process of the second flash is flash modem by pressing the "Flash Mod" and that is terakir GDFS flash by pressing the "Flash GDFS". The most common file in use is to flash MCU file untul and Mod, while the GDFS only if necessary because most often, the Sony Ericsson mobile phone is broken only on files MCU and Modem.

Other key functions in the software UFS-8 RTP for Sony Ericsson mobile phone which is also the most frequently used is the "Info" to read Imei cellular phones and the "Read Mem" to see the existing files on Sony Ericsson mobile phone and keys " Locks init "functions for the network and scurity unlock phones. The following button "Init Sec Blk" is the key security init block, terakir is the "darling Restore" function to restore security block. Both are inter-related key to restore security block mobile phone.

Download mp3 terbaru di

Tentu semua pada suka dengan download mp3 gratis? namanya juga gratis ya pasti semua orang pada suka. Siapa ayo yang gak suka sama download mp3 lagu secara gratis? Memang banyak sekali blog mp3 download yang sekarang menjamur. Mereka memberikan konten yang sungguh terupdate secara sempurna.

Download lagu terbaru juga selalu ada di blog, yang pastinya sobat gak bakalan rugideh kalau datang dan download mp3 gratis. Lagu2 mp3 terbaru dari seantero jagat loh.

Protection at every layer - physical security

HP notebook locks, desktop, workstation, or thin clients, without reducing your performance.

Theft of hardware in the office is surprisingly common. Visitors without permission could easily leave with notebooks and thin clients when the time is right. HP can help you protect your hardware is the most risky.
Security for Notebook
Safety, keeping your notebook safe and equipment. You can buy a standard lock when you buy a notebook.
Remember that you not only have to protect your notebook but also equipment, such as multibay optical drive (DVD / CD drives), additional USB, and buffer notebook. Choose the HP business notebook PC and make it as easy as clicking and key with built-in features that are available.
Security for Thin Client
HP offers two types of approaches to reduce the risk of theft of thin clients:
- Use a security cable to connect a thin client on a table. Could also use a framework of thin clients that put you directly in the table.
- Integrate the thin clients with servers - HP servers in your data center so seeurity components - computer components and data - important data is safe in one location. Thin Client is no longer an expensive device was replaced because the components untul - expensive components and data - data that has been indispensable in the server. Thin Client is stolen, become useless to the thief because the thin clients does not work without sever integration.
Security for Desktop and Workstation
Your desktop and workstation is an important investment that you need to protect. HP makes it easy with several security options that can help protect your investment:
- A solenoid hood lock negate the need for a physical key and lock the chassis with a password. You also can open and close the lock chassis remotely over the network. This key directly on the device attached to your system and act as a key cover. This security solution is only available on HP desktop and workstation specific.
- Key supporters. Use industry-standard keys for your system devices placed on the table so as not to get out of the office and fell into the hands of thieves.
- A PC chassis cover lock to lock the chassis and the keyboard and mouse with a key.
- A rear port controller is clamped to the back of the computer input device to secure and prevent the release or addition of cables on the back of the computer.
- An integrated work center that not only saves space by integrating the monitor with the PC, but also works with a standard Kensington lock secures the monitor separately along with the PC as well.
- An order attached to the wall that you can use to attach your system device on a wall or under the table for m

Gadis Cantik dan Sexy

Melihat gadis cantik sexy yang memakai pakaian mini pasti membuat kita menjadi ingin melihat kemolekan tubuh polos yang di miliki oleh cewek tersebut. Pernahkan anda membayangkan betapa sexy dan hot tubuh gadis cantik manis yang lagi di tutupi sehelai benang?

Wow, pasti itu kata yang pertama bakalan meluncur dari mulut anda ketika hal itu bisa bener2 terjadi. Mengapa gadis cantik sexy yang bugil bisa membuat kita merasa sampai sebegitunya? Memang hal yang patut untuk kita renungi bersama hal ini.

Apalagi kalau melihat artis cantik sexy yang rela mesum untuk mendapatkan popularitas yang dia inginkan. Bukankah itu merupakan hal yang sangat tidak masuk akal mencari ketenaran dengan bugil? Tapi bagi sebagian artis hal tersebut masuk akal.

Sony Ericsson K330, Minimalist for Image & Video

Sony Ericsson launched the multimedia mobile phone series, K330 series. Sony Ericsson K330 is a series of feature phones with superior image (imaging) and video recording. According to the Sony Ericsson K330 series mobile phones can take and store up to 250 photos or video for 12 minutes. Each video clip can be duration for 2 minutes. In addition Sonny Ericsson mobile phone K330 series is equipped with the Bluetooth â„¢ feature that allows users to easily share pictures or video files.

For the storage capacity of supporting communications, Sony Ericsson K330 series has a storage capacity up to 1000 contact and 450 text messages fruit. Another feature that may be not less helpful to users in Indonesia are often powerless are features like a flash light or a flashlight that lights on Sony Ericsson K300 series is.

The following is the full features of the Sony Ericsson K330 series are:

100.0 x 45.0 x 12.0 mm
3.9 x 1.8 x 0.5 inches
75.0 gr
2.6 oz
Colors available
Gold on Black
Green on Black
128x160 pixels
65,536 color TFT
Phone memory 10MB *
GSM 900
GSM 1800
Camera - 0.3 megapixels (VGA)
Music tones - (MP3)
Health Mate
Video Clip
Radio - FM Radio
YouTube â„¢
Bluetooth â„¢
Predictive text input
Picture messaging (MMS)
Text messaging (SMS)
Vibration signal
Polyphonic ringtones
Navigation buttons
Picture wallpaper
Alarm clock

Avoiding Theft Tips HP

Tips to avoid theft HP

Please be listened to, hopefully this info is useful for rekan2, both wrote a HP or HP's to-be purchased as consideration ...

1. Stop thief HP, gebukin trus-do take it to the police station.

2. Install an alarm sound sensor, infra red, vibration, ultrasonic, etc., around HP.

3. Camouflage HP, for example, wrapped in banana leaves, let me think pepesan.

4. Use HP Siemens S4 (or a shape like that), trus put the kitchen, the thief must have thought it sambel pestle and mortar.

5. Place the HP at home, take a pager, ask the wife send message via pager, so hurry home when his cell phone sound.

6. HP bought the toy at a red light on the dashboard of a car display, diumpetin real HP.

7. Use HP 3 in 1, meaning one HP for three people, besides efficient, much has ngejagain and also beneficial to establish cohesion between friends, because everywhere must be the same.

8. Choose the HP model & one one-touch button, let me wear it confused thieves. If HP did not have this model on the market, yes .. means have not produced.

9. Choose the old model HP segede size elephant. HP model will be easy to trace this, because've rarely had.

10. At home / complex, siskamling making HP among the owners.

11. Do not use HP. Surely the thief will nyolong others. So wrote ikhlasin TV, refrigerator, etc. jewelry. make dicolong. The important thing is it is not missed HP.

12. Ask each soldier a little Semtex explosives (C4), put in your HP, let stolen. Wait for the headlines, about the headless corpse, it must be a thief HP.

13. Select the type of HP that use a cable (non-wireless).

High Speed Packet Access

High Speed Packet Access (English: High-Speed Packet Access) protocol is a collection of mobile phone in the realm of 3.5 G that extend and improve the performance of the protocol Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS). [1] High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), High-Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA), and High Speed Packet Access + (HSPA +) is part of the High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA).

HSPA is the result of the development of the first wave of 3G technology, Release 99 (R99). HSPA able to work so much faster when compared with R99 connection. Related CDMA network, in line with other HSPA Evolution Data Optimized (EV-DO), which is the development of CDMA2000. [2]

Most of the HSPA network is spread on the spectrum of 1900 MHz and 2100 MHz, but some run at 850 MHz. Larger spectrum is used because the operator can reach a wider area and its ability to refarming and reallocation of UHF spectrum.

HSPA provides data transmission rates differ in the data stream down (downlink) and the current rise (uplink), related to the development of standards that made the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). Further development of HSPA can be more easy access to the virtual world as full of neat features and sophisticated so as to reduce the cost per megabit of data transfer.

In the year 2008 there were more than 32 million HSPA connections in the world. This is contrary to the end of the first quarter of 2007 amounted to only 3 million. In the same year, some 80 states already have a HSPA service with more than 467,000 types of HSPA devices available around the world, such as mobile devices, notebooks, data cards, wireless routers, USB Modem.

HSDPA is a protocol that improves the downlink or decline data from the server to the device (download) [2], with speeds of 14.4 Mbit / s. While the uplink in HSDPA technology to reach 384 kbit / s. With such speed, mobile device users can receive large data such as an attachment to an e-mail, presentations in the form of Power Point, atupun can open a Web page. As an illustration, the network speed HSDPA 3.6 Mbit / s can download music data which is about 3 Mb in 8.3 seconds and the video data size 5 Mb in 13.9 seconds. HSDPA present since 2006 in Europe. [4]...

HSUPA is a protocol that improves the phone or the uplink process penaikkan data from the device to the server (upload) [2] which reaches 5.76 Mbit / s.Dengan this speed, users can more easily upload text, images, and videos to your personal blog or sites like YouTube in just a few seconds. HSUPA can also make it easier to do streaming video with DVD quality, video conferencing, real-time games, e-mail, and MMS. [5] When there is a failure in data transmission, HSUPA can do resent. [5] The level of transmission speed can also be adapted to the situation when an interruption occurs transmisi.HSUPA networks commercially launched the first time in early 2007. [6]

Phone Modis Full Entertainment

VirtuV V809 has the ability to take pictures with VGA quality, record video, play music, and large memory capacity to store various files

At first glance, VirtuV V809 phone design does not look like a cell phone. Shaped more like a portable MP3 player. With a weight of only 60 grams and dimensions of 86.5 x 37 x 19 mm, mini-sized mobile phone has a multimedia and entertainment capabilities as a standard-sized phone.

V809 clad VirtuV milky white color with yellow color combinations. In sales, the color combinations are available in five color choices. Slidingnya design was smooth when dihentak. Because the mini size, range, too small keypad, and the shape Ouval. Although small, still did not reduce the comfort of a finger when pressed.

Although buried with many entertainment facilities, this phone has no connectivity via bluetooth. It is unfortunate, because exchanging files such as pictures or music can only be done by using a USB data cable to the computer.

In the body there is only one phone port located at the bottom. Port can be used for the charger, headset, and USB cable. Port size is very small, so that was difficult when trying to plug the cable into the phone.
Testing: Used for charger, headset and USB cable.
Value: 2.7.
Note: The lack of joint port is not able to use the headset when the phone is charged.

VirtuV claim this mini mobile phone capable of recording moving pictures with the quality AVI. Namu when transferred to a computer, the picture quality is not as clear as AVI quality. Facilities video recorders equipped with standard arrangements such as camcorders and video settings settings.
Testing: Record the atmosphere outside the room.
Value: 2.9
Note: In the video settings, file formats that are available only AVI.

One feature is the Audio Player champion. Has three choices as background skin when listening to music. Although small, the music player has a voice loud enough to 99.9 dB when playing a song from Van Hallen
Testing: Listening to the song Jump by Van Hallen.
Value: 2.8.
Note: 2 and 8 keys function as a volume.

Not just entertainment, VirtuV V809 can run on the GPRS network to surf in cyberspace. To use insternet, to do some settings first. Because the phone is not equipped with automatic setting of several GSM operators in Indonesia.
Testing: Performance browser to access Yahoo!.
Value: 2.5.
Note: If you can not perform GPRS settings, contact your use.

Quality largest resolution VGA camera still. Arrangements are still mediocre. What seems striking feature is the ability to edit photos phone shots the camera. Users can add text or frames in the edited photos.
Testing: Results of a VGA camera snap.
Value: 2.8.
Note: Not available direct access to key camera features.

Capacity writing SMS messages to reach 612 characters. Because of the small screen, the size of the letters were also adjusted. There are several emoticons that can be used to indicate the mood to mate. To send a message to several k ontacts well, could use the facility "send to many" or "send to group".
Testing: Sending a message to the contact bebebrapa.
Value: 3.
Note: not all phones compatible with emoticons from virtuV V809.

Facilities Personal Information Management (PIM) can be found in the organizer menu. Features available in this facility such as calculator, alarm clock, tasks, converter and calendar. For health, there are also features an ideal weight calculator, and the calculation of time periods for women.
Testing: Setting the alarm is continue for 3 days.
Value: 3
Note: Set the alarm for more than one if you are a solid schedule.

All the leading features such as cameras, video and music player can run well without any constraints. External memory capacity up to 512 MB of free user keeps files of all the winning features. Internet is running on GPRS networks, can be used to simply open the email.

Final Score: 2.9

Provisions Li-Ion Battery 650 mAh capacity can last up to two days for normal usage such as phoning, listening to music and play videos. Pretty good for a mini cell phone with a variety of entertainment.


nframerah is electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength longer than visible light, but shorter than radio waves radiation. His name means "below red" (from the Latin infra, "below"), red is the color of visible light with the longest waves. Infrared radiation has a range of three "orders" and has a wavelength between 700 nm and 1 mm. Infrared discovered by accident by Sir William Herschell, English astronomer royal when she was conducting research for optical filter material that will be used to reduce the brightness of the image of the sun in the solar telescope.


* Can not be seen by humans
* Can not penetrate the material that is not transparent
* Can be generated by heat generating components
* The infrared wavelength has the opposite relation or inversely proportional to the temperature. As the temperature increases, so wavelength decreases.

The types of infrared wavelengths based

* Infrared distance close to the wavelength of 0.75 - 1.5 ?m
* Infrared medium range with a wavelength of 1.50 - 10 ?m
* Infrared remote with wavelengths from 10 to 100 ?m

Infrared excess in the data transmission

* Shipping with infrared data can be done anytime, for delivery via infrared signal does not need.
* Shipping with infrared data can easily be said for including a simple tool.
* Delivery of data from the phone is not a cost (free)

Weakness in infrared data transmission

* In the data transmission via infrared, infrared second hole should be facing each other. It is rather difficult for us to transfer data because of the way of trouble.
* Infrared is very dangerous for the eyes, so do not even infra-red beam on the eye
* Delivery of data via infrared can be said more slowly than his Bluetooth.

[edit] Field spatial

Dipancarakan infrared in the form of infrared rays to an object, can produce infrared images. Photo infrared radiant heat works on an object can be used to create a painting from a local heat or object. Hot picture results can illustrate which areas are hot and not. A hot picture of a building can be used to determine which part of the zone of the building that produce heat that can be done berlebihann improvements are needed.
[edit] Industry Sector

* Infrared light. An incandescent lamp of wire pijarnya ± temperature above 2500 ° K. this causes the infrared light it emits becomes much more than incandescent lamps can. Infrared lamps are commonly used to perform the heating process in the industry.
* Warm-infrared. It is a condition when the infrared energy to attack an object with the power emitted electromagnetic energy above -273 ° C (0 ° K in absolute temperature). Infrared heating is widely used in such tools, grill lights danbola (90% heat - 10% light)

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