Avoiding Theft Tips HP

Tips to avoid theft HP

Please be listened to, hopefully this info is useful for rekan2, both wrote a HP or HP's to-be purchased as consideration ...

1. Stop thief HP, gebukin trus-do take it to the police station.

2. Install an alarm sound sensor, infra red, vibration, ultrasonic, etc., around HP.

3. Camouflage HP, for example, wrapped in banana leaves, let me think pepesan.

4. Use HP Siemens S4 (or a shape like that), trus put the kitchen, the thief must have thought it sambel pestle and mortar.

5. Place the HP at home, take a pager, ask the wife send message via pager, so hurry home when his cell phone sound.

6. HP bought the toy at a red light on the dashboard of a car display, diumpetin real HP.

7. Use HP 3 in 1, meaning one HP for three people, besides efficient, much has ngejagain and also beneficial to establish cohesion between friends, because everywhere must be the same.

8. Choose the HP model & one one-touch button, let me wear it confused thieves. If HP did not have this model on the market, yes .. means have not produced.

9. Choose the old model HP segede size elephant. HP model will be easy to trace this, because've rarely had.

10. At home / complex, siskamling making HP among the owners.

11. Do not use HP. Surely the thief will nyolong others. So wrote ikhlasin TV, refrigerator, etc. jewelry. make dicolong. The important thing is it is not missed HP.

12. Ask each soldier a little Semtex explosives (C4), put in your HP, let stolen. Wait for the headlines, about the headless corpse, it must be a thief HP.

13. Select the type of HP that use a cable (non-wireless).


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