Repair HP Sony Ericsson 1

The next process you can do as you choose flashing MCU, as we have seen the guidelines Repair Hand phone Nokia MCU is the main file of the mobile phone, as well as in Sony Ericsson mobile phone. After you select the MCU, you are free to choose the version of the same or more for the MCU. The following options are MOD, this is a modem, you select a file to the modem. It is important to note the choice of modem is a modem version must match the version of the MCU, so see the version of modem you are going to choose to be the same with MCU version that you selected earlier. The following is the GDFS, things to watch for in the GDFS file is the same as a modem, so that should be noticed is his version, these three files from the MCU, MOD, GDFS, it must have the same version.
For flashing process for beginners can do it manually, see the picture above. You can do the flashing process one by one from the three files that had been selected earlier, starting from the MCU, Modem, GDFS, to make flash MCU process you can press the "Flash MCU" the software RTP UFS-8 will run commands just flashing MCU. After flash MCU process is complete you can make the process of the second flash is flash modem by pressing the "Flash Mod" and that is terakir GDFS flash by pressing the "Flash GDFS". The most common file in use is to flash MCU file untul and Mod, while the GDFS only if necessary because most often, the Sony Ericsson mobile phone is broken only on files MCU and Modem.

Other key functions in the software UFS-8 RTP for Sony Ericsson mobile phone which is also the most frequently used is the "Info" to read Imei cellular phones and the "Read Mem" to see the existing files on Sony Ericsson mobile phone and keys " Locks init "functions for the network and scurity unlock phones. The following button "Init Sec Blk" is the key security init block, terakir is the "darling Restore" function to restore security block. Both are inter-related key to restore security block mobile phone.


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